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Where the Swedes Hit The Road - and end up right back here

Motion has always been a big part of the Blonde Swedes experience. From endless circles around central Ohio in the early 90's to frazzled climbs up rocky mountain roads in 2004, Liam and Shorn share an urge - to hit the road.

Denver/Red Rocks [6/2004]
See and hear all about the Blonde Swedes invasion of Red Rocks for the summer 2004 Rush tour.

Swedes in Seattle [9/2003]
Wherein the oft-mentioned but poorly-documented grand reunion of the Blonde Swedes in September 2003 is finally enshrined in high-definition HTML and campy documentary-style travel video.

Rock Expo Rodeo [11/1990]
From the way back machine comes this forgotten and quite forgettable documentary, where the Swedes hover precariously at the edges of the retail music business.

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