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It's Not Safe [2007]
Our first completed track for the yet-to-be album 'Wood on a Stick'. And it only took four years!
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Wood on a Stick [2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010?]
In 2004 the Blonde Swedes finally embarked on their second full-length cover compilation. You can follow the lack of progress online!
(Thanks to the fine folk over at WindWalking for these features!)

ReOnion [1999]
At the tail end of the last millennium Liam and Shorn worked together on a couple of songs that so far have never found their home on a Blonde Swedes project.

Flannel Covers [1990]
The Early Years - Where it all began. Sixteen songs recorded on two-track tape in an unfinished rented basement with plywood tables and creaky folding metal chairs. Ahh, good times. Good times. Burp.
Those crazy kids are captured for all time, enshrined in lovingly hand-coded HTML for all seven of their fans to enjoy (Hi Mom!)
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