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Rock Expo Rodeo

Rock Expo, Columbus, November 1990

Columbus Rocked!

Attention all you Rik Emmett fans, we've got something special for ya. In 1990 the Blonde Swedes and Rik Emmett joined forces for fifteen magical nanoseconds. OK, joined forces is probably a bit strong. Liam and Rik exchanged one phrase each while both were touching the same piece of paper, so that Rik could put his autograph on it. But still, it was magical. And we got it all on video. OK, that's not totally true. Mostly we got the back of Liam's denim jacket. But, if you could see through the jacket you would have seen Liam naked from the waist up in a public place. And if you could have seen through Liam there would be Rik Emmett, standing there in the flesh!

Also appearing to be made of flesh was the local pop rock band Oswald and the Herringbones. And vying for title of whitest-toothed acoustic duo in America, The Rembrandts offered up their special brand of uptight blandness.

The sights, sounds and smells of this special event in little old Columbus are the subject of Shorn's earliest Roadfilm documentary - 'Rock Expo Rodeo'. Join Shorn and some guy named 'Bill' who looks suspiciously like Liam on icy roads and through cold concrete exposition center caverns. Catch a glimpse of 'Jaine', whos inspired camerawork so impressed Shorn that he decided to marry her. Stills and video to your left.

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