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12/2007: By popular demand, there is no Blonde Swedes Calendar for 2008!

5/2007: Available Now! Our first downloadable cover single, It's Not Safe! UPDATE: Also available on iTunes.

4/2007: The Blonde Swedes Podcast is back for another season. Please listen, it's lonely on the internet. If you have podcast comments, suggestions, death threats or want to send us virtual panties you can e-mail us at

8/2006: The wait is over! What wait? Well, the wait for Blonde Swedes logo merchandise, which has haunted you in your dreams of course! Duh! Visit the Blondeswedeshoppe at Cafe Press.

7/2006: By popular demand (ok, one person asked!) the Blonde Swedes recently-recorded food-related jingles have been added to the site. Check under the 'Dinner' and 'Pineapple-Orange Juice' links at the top of the page.

the Blonde Swedes (blond sweedz), n. The Blonde Swedes was a cover band founded and then losted in 1990. The Blonde Swedes reunited in 1998 but then didn't actually do much of anything until last tuesday. The Blonde Swedes were to begin kicking indie music ass in 2001, but they forgot. It was pencilled in for 2002, but they got distracted by digital photography (Shorn) and young women (Liam) and forgot again. 2003 was lost to travel and travelogues, but in 2004 at least they got started. Then they stopped. In 2005 they started again. And sometime before the end of time, we will say they are done.

The Story of the Blonde Swedes (1997)

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